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A Class of their Own

Superior quality home spas, appealing to the design, lifestyle and sustainability values of trendsetters and traditionally-inclined alike.

Ressa Spa Toilets

The new standard for a refreshing and hygienic bathroom experience, reducing water waste, paper waste, and supporting a plastic-free future.

Curated Kitchenware

Italian designed and Swiss engineered, MGS solid
stainless steel faucets are an exceptional blend
of form, function and finish.

Local Experts

When you buy a Forte Brands product, you are connected with one of our 300 local Showrooms, who will ensure everything is perfect.

Concierge-level Service

We recognize it’s not always easy to digitally recreate the revolutionary customer care we’ve become known for in our Showrooms,
but we’re committed to creating the most positive online experience possible. We care about your Forte Brands journey
and we’re here to cater to your vision and ensure your order is perfect.

Brand Highlight

Oceania Bathtubs


The focus on perfection in design, manufacturing excellence, and the lasting beauty of their surfaces results in Oceania setting the benchmark in terms of superior quality baths.

Explore Oceania
Featured Collection

Model SPIN by MGS Cucina

Featured Product

Ressa Spa Toilets